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How Do I Run a Suite Installer Silently? What Command Do I Use?

How Do I Run a Suite Installer Silently? What Command Do I Use?


This article discusses how an InstallShield user can run a suite installer silently.


      1. Create a suite project.
      2. Add then configure Feature1, Feature2, and so forth.
      3. Add packages: Package1, Package2, and so forth.
      4. Associate each package with a feature.
      5. In the Packages View, for each package, configure a Detection Condition (at a minimum) as well as an Eligibility Condition, if appropriate. When the Detection Condition evaluates to true, the package is detected as already being installed, so the suite installer goes into maintenance mode. When the Eligibility Condition evaluates to try, the package is determined to be qualified to be installed on the target machine.
      6. Run the suite installer silently with the following command:

      7. Setup.exe /silent ISFeatureInstall=Feature1,Feature2 /debuglog"C:\MyLogsFolder\suitedebuglog.txt" /log"C:\MyLogsFolder"


      Note: The directory for the /log argument needs to exist prior to running the command. The /log argument will only result in logs being created for each package if logging is enabled in the package-specific settings of each package in the Packages View.
      Working Suite and Basic MSI sample projects, built with InstallShield 2023 R2, that demonstrate this functionality that was discussed are attached to this article.

More Information

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