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How Do I Associate File Types with My Program?

How Do I Associate File Types with My Program?


Associating File types with a program


How do I associate file types with my program?


If your program creates or relies upon custom file types, you can associate those file types with your program on the target machine. File types can be set up in the File Types advanced setting. To create a file association, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Components view and expand the component for which you would like to create the file type.

  2. Expand the Advanced Settings folder and select the COM Registration node.

  3. Right-click the COM Classes folder and select New COM Class.

  4. Right-click the ProgID folder and select New ProgID.

  5. Select the File Types node within the Advanced Settings folder.

  6. Right-click the Extensions folder and select New Extension.

  7. Rename this extension to the actual extension of the file type, without the dot. For example, you should enter htm for HTML files.

  8. Click the progID property in the property sheet to the right and select the progID that you would like to associate this file type with.
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