Extension Condition DLL Crashes On Windows XP

Extension Condition DLL Crashes On Windows XP


Running a suite project with an extension condition dll may crash on Windows XP.


You can build a conditional statement for an exit, detection, eligibility, or feature condition in an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI project. Furthermore you can create your own type of custom condition called an extension condition, which calls a C/C++ DLL that you have created.

This knowledge base article will go over situation where if you build your extension condition dll using Visual Studio 2015, this dll may cause a setup error on Windows XP machines.


The following Helpnet Article Creating an Extension Condition DLL for an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI Project will provide background on how you should create and include the extension condition dll into your Suite project.

Now when you are creating your dll in Visual Studio and if you plan on targeting Windows XP machines, then make sure that you change the Platform Toolset to "Visual Studio 2013 - Windows XP (v120_xp)".

NOTE: You can look at the following MSDN article How to: Modify the Target Framework and Platform Toolset for more information on how to do this.
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