Error 1926

Error 1926


Tips on how to troubleshoot a 1926 error


When running an installation, a 1926 error message may occur referring to insufficient privileges.


This issue may occur due to one of the following reasons...
  1. The user account or group does not have the Full Control permission on the hard disk drive where you want to install.
  2. The directory you are targeting does not have read and write permissions
  3. This error can occur if the system and/or user temporary (temp) files are being written to a directory that does not have sufficient free space.


The following steps can help resolve these issues...
  1. To grant the user account or group the Full Control permission to the hard disk where you want to install, you can look at the following MSDN article.
  2. To make sure the directory has the right permissions, you can look at the following MSDN article.
  3. You can target a new drive that has more hard drive space or take a look at the following MSDN article for tips on how to free up more hard drive space.

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