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Deleting Device Driver Component Leaves Install Condition

Deleting Device Driver Component Leaves Install Condition


When deleting device driver components, there might be an install condition that restricts whether the install runs on 32bit or 64bit machines.


The Install condition, IS_DIFX_DRIVER_OVERRIDE OR Msix64, was created when 64bit was selected, but not removed after the component was removed. If the component setting is changed to be 32bit, a correction will be made to the install condition.


An install condition was created to prevent a runtime error to occur if a device driver is being installed on the wrong platform.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create new BMSI project
  2. Navigate to Component view
  3. Navigate to Advanced Settings of a component
  4. Navigate to Device Driver view
  5. Enable "This Component includes a device driver"
  6. Select "Device driver targets x64 bit machines"
  7. Delete the component with the device driver setting.
  8. Look at Install condition in General Information


A work order, IOJ-1754122, was submitted for the install condition to be removed automatically when the device driver component is removed.


Remove the install condition manually.

Additional Information

If 64bit is selected for the device driver and change to 32bit, any modifications to the original install condition will be lost.
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