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Custom Action Wizard in Transform Project Results in Crash

Custom Action Wizard in Transform Project Results in Crash


When attempting to add or edit a custom action in an existing MSI package or Transform, Installshield crashes.


When attempting to use the Custom Action Wizard, certain MSI packages result in an InstallShield crash. There is no issue manually adding/editing values in the Custom Action view.


This is due to an InstallShield check that involves the msidbCustomActionTypePatchUninstall flag. This is only available in MSI files using the 4.0 and later schema. Newer MSI packages should not see this issue.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create a new Transform project
  2. Choose Next -> Browse -> Specify old MSI package -> Next
  3. Use Defaults until Finish
  4. Go to Installation Designer tab
  5. Go to Custom Actions and Sequences
  6. Right Click ?Custom Actions? in the middle panel -> Select Custom Action Wizard?
  7. Select Next -> Add values to the Basic Information dialog -> select Next
  8. Select Custom action type and set Location to ?Stored directly in the custom action?
  9. Select Next for the defaults until the end of the wizard
  10. InstallShield crashes


This has been submitted as a bug to Engineering. This is currently being tracked under work order #IOJ-1662015.


Use the custom action view rather than the Wizard to add or edit custom actions.

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