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Build Warning -9019

Build Warning -9019


Reading 'Extension' table... skipping non-existent table

ISDEV : warning -9019: There exist one or more conditionalized components which may not be converted correctly
Conditionalized Component: KTGina.dll
ISDEV : warning -9018: Custom action 'def_isc_EndOfInstall' will be ignored
ISDEV : warning -9033: The conversion process does not support data in the MSI table 'RemoveRegistry'. See the help library for details on resolving this warning.
ISDEV : warning -9053: 3 launch condition(s) will be ignored. This message can be suppressed for launch conditions that are not required for a successful conversion by adding them to msi.xml.


After upgrading a project from a previous InstallShield version to the latest InstallShield version, for example, after upgrading a project from InstallShield 2015 to InstallShield 2020, Build Windows App Package under the Releases -> Release -> APPX/MSIX Tab is set to Yes.


After upgrading a project from a previous InstallShield version to a newer InstallShield version, InstallShield may automatically build an MSIX package. If an MSI package does not need to be built, Build Windows App Package under the Releases -> Release -> APPX/MSIX Tab should be set to No. If this option is set to No, a MSIX package will not be built, only an MSI package will be built.

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