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Build Error -152

Build Error -152


Build Error -152 The limit of the Virtual Media Memory used was exceeded in CAB library.


When building an InstallShield project, one may encounter the following build error:
Error: The limit of the Virtual Media Memory used was exceeded in CAB library.


This build error may be caused by exceeding the internal limit of the Virtual Media Memory defined in InstallShield.


Caution: The following instructions require that you modify the Settings.xml file that is installed with InstallShield. This file contains critical data; if it is edited incorrectly, it can cause InstallShield to fail to work. Use extreme care when editing this file.

The step-by-step instructions are given below:
  1. Close InstallShield.
  2. Find the Settings.xml file that is installed with InstallShield. Settings.xml is installed in one of the following locations, depending on which language version of InstallShield you are using:
    ? English?InstallShield Program Files Folder\Support\0409
    ? Japanese?InstallShield Program Files Folder\Support\0411
  3. Create a back-up copy of the Settings.xml file, in case you later need to revert to the original version.
  4. Use a text editor or XML file editor to open the Settings.xml file.
  5. Search for the VirtualMediaMemoryMaxSize element. It looks something like this:
    <VirtualMediaMemoryMaxSize default="10"/>
  6. To change the maximum size of Virtual Media Memory to a different value, set the value of the default attribute to the appropriate limit.
    ? Valid values for Virtual Media Memory:
    o Minimum ? 5 MB
    o Maximum ? 256 MB
  7. Save the Settings.xml file and rebuild the project.
  8. Ensure that your XML code is well formed; if it is not well formed, you may have problems using InstallShield. In most cases, you can identify improperly formed XML code by opening the Settings.xml file in Internet Explorer. You should be able to expand and contract the major elements of the file; if you cannot, check the code for errors.
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