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Adding Large Number of Files cause InstallShield to Stop Responding

Adding Large Number of Files cause InstallShield to Stop Responding


When attempting to add a large set or folder to the Files and Folder, InstallShield stops responding.


When trying to add large files or a large number of files, InstallShield becomes unresponsive. Even leaving InstallShield time to process, it appears to hang and the process needs to be closed.


This is an issue that was reported in InstallShield 2015 though it occurs in earlier versions of InstallShield. This will occur with the Component Wizard and the Files and Folders view.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Launch InstallShield 2015
  2. Create a new Basic MSI project
  3. Go to the File and Folder view
  4. Under the Source computer?s folder, drag a folder that is over 32767 folder/files (over 6+ GB in size)
  5. Select No for Dynamic File Link
  6. After an indeterminate amount of time, InstallShield displays ?No Responding? in the title bar and the progress bar does not appear to move


Break the files into smaller portions. This should allow InstallShield to create the appropriate components without issue.

Additional Information

This issue is currently being tracked under IOJ-1733581.

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