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uninstalling a msi during/after uninstalling main application

I have an application A and also a support pack B. You install package B with as a feature prerequisite during the installation of A. Now I would like B to be uninstalled if you uninstall A.

What I did was in A was to create a custom action as this:
Type = Launch another .msi package
Location = Launch another .msi package
Source = {product code of B}

Install Exec Sequence = After InstallInitialize
Install Exec Condition = Installed AND REMOVE="ALL"

Now I install A (and B is installed by IS automatically). When I later go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall A, A is removed from add/remove program list but B is still visible.

It seems that A is trying to uninstall B but somehow only does part of the job. No the only way to remove B is to go to the registry and hunt down all places in order to not have it visible in the add/remove programs. So i tried LaunchAppAndWait in install script. This is giving error as Another setup is already running.

Please help how can i uninstall pack B.

Thanks in advance
Vivek Agrawal
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Level 8

You cannot run two instances of msiexec exe at a time.
Hence, when you are running your main application, you cannot use msiexec again and try uninstalling application B.

Try if moving your CA, outside InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize does help.
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Level 8

Perhaps read on chained msi packages. Not sure but there might be a solution there.
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