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Level 3

show and hide checkbox


I added a checkbox in the destinationfolder dialog.

I have a Property called X that equals the location of a directory. for example: C:\FF\DD

now I have to show that checkbox only if the user chooses the INSTALLDIR to be equals to the value of X.

I tried the Show and Hide conditions of the checkbox in the dialog behavior:

Action = Hide, Condition = X<>INSTALLDIR
Action = Show, Condition = X=INSTALLDIR

But it doesn't work. any ideas ?

Thanks, Ido
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Level 2

You should set an entry in theProperty Manager, for example , I set an entry like this "IS_SHOW_CHECKBOX=1", then find the checkbox you want to hide or show, select the condition tab(at the bottom next to Subscriptions and Events), add the Hide and Show action, set hide's condition is "IS_SHOW_CHECKBOX = 0", set show's condition is "IS_SHOW_CHECKBOX = 1", then you have to control the value of "IS_SHOW_CHECKBOX" by Cutom Actions.
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