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setup status dialog - status messages overwriting

I have an InstallScript MSI project. After I install my program, I execute it so it is an active process. I then go to the control panel to uninstall it while the process is active. When given the choice, I select to remove the appliation. I get a dialog box informing me the process is active. I select the default option which is to attempt to close the process and continue with the uninstall. The setup status dialog box appears. The text immediately above the process bar begins displaying text which I assume tells me it what is happening during the uninstall. However, the text displayed is never removed before the next line of text is displayed. Therefore, the text continues to overlay the previous text until the uninstall completes. Can anyone shed any light on what is causing this and/or how to prevent this from happening?
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Hi, I am getting exactly the same behaviour. This only seems to happen during an uninstall or major upgrade. It was suggested in a previous post that this may happen after the user has intervened by entering text, for example with AskText. We have a couple of prompts before the upgrade/uninstall happens, but the SetStatusWindow calls that are overlaying the text are not called in my installscript. It seems that each message overlays the previous one, until the text displayed on the dialog is a long white streak. This is not cool, customers have commented that we are shipping untested software as a result of this.

Any ideas out there would be very welcome?
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