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service delete not working when enable service install is set to no


I'm using InstallShield 2012and have a Basic MSI project.

I want to install a normal executable and a service executable. The service should not be installed in services during install of the MSI. I changed "enable service install" to no. Additionally I have one event with "Uninstall Stop" and "Uninstall Delete".

The user installs the service via the normal executable. During uninstall it should stop the service and delete the service.

The service executable was deleted, but the service was not deleted in services. Why does it not work?

When this is not implemented, how can I uninstall the service via script or action or event?

I don't have any idea how the custom actions work. I need a step by step instruction.

Thanks in advance
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Level 10

1. Make sure that the service executable is in the component with which the service configuration is associated.
2. (This is the one that caused me to have a forehead/keyboard situation for a day and a half) Make sure that the service executable is the key file for that component.
3. check the logs during uninstall. Is the component being uninstalled?
4. Obviously the file is being removed, so we can skip number 4.
5. If all else fails, paste the sections of the log related to InstallValidate, StopServices, and RemoveServices
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