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"OnUninstall" event

Hi All,
I'm facing some problems(?) with IS2009. I successfully converted an IS 11.5 project to version 2009 but with this latest version "OnUninstall" event seems never called when
uninstall the product from Control Panel ADD/REMOVE.
Maintenance option is disable so calling the ADD/REMOVE should generate this event ... but unfortunately seems NOT !

Anyone can help me ? Anyone know what event is generated from ADD/REMOVE ?

Thanks for your help.
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Yes, in the current version the "OnUninstall" event is only triggered if you specify the "-uninst" switch.

You could add this to the uninstall string that you create for the application if you want, but it is typically easier to just modify the "OnMaintUIBefore" event appropriately for the behavior you want as this event is called if the setup is already installed.

Devin Ellingson
Software Developer
Acresso Software
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OK, thanks.
I found another workaround : I create an additional internal function and associated this function at the event "OnUninstalled" of the component.
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