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Level 2

missing menu entry for clone a release

I want to clone a release. The help says I have to right-click the release and then click 'clone'. But the entry is not visible. I can only delete and rename a release but not clone.
What do I have to do?

InstallShield 2012 Spring - Professional Edition
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Flexera Alumni

Are you right-clicking a Release icon or a Product Configuration icon? Product configurations (the icons directly under the Releases icon) don't have a Close command, but releases (the icons under a product configuration) should.
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Level 4

Are you using Basic MSI/InstallScript projects or Advanced UI?
If its Advanced UI then 'Clone' is not available
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Level 2

Sorry for the delay, thanks guys...
I'm using an InstallScript Project (not an Advanced UI Project). And: yes, I'm clicking a release icon directly (Installation Designer/Media/Releases/Release).
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