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migration from ISWiAuto22 to ISWiAuto24 (Installshield 2018)

Hello all,
i have upgraded my ism files from 2015 to 2018 and i figured out, that my "headless" vbs script now crash. Using the same Script with 2015 (ISWiAuto22 ) everything was fine.
After some trial and error i figured out, that if i am using Newtonsoft.Json.dll in my MergeModule.ism file the build crash on the commandline. If i do the same stuff in the IDE, the build is running without error.
At the commandline the build crashed after "Building File table".
I have attached a sample project which crashes if i'm using 2018. Using in 2015 everything is fine.

Any Idea?

================= Logging started at 1/24/2018 10:41:44 ==================
Created release folders
Directory table successfully built
Component table successfully built
Loading File table
Building File table
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Level 3

Flexera found a workaround...

The issue appears to be related to the component .Net settings, specifically the '.NET Scan at Build' setting. In the project you have this set to 'Dependencies and Properties'.

To work-around this issue for the time-being you can change this setting to 'Properties Only' or 'None' which should allow the automated builds to complete without error.
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