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Level 7

launch condition for suites

So I added a launch condition to check for the existence of a required component, but I'd like to either:

    change the "ok" button to a "download" button.
    add a click-able URL in the message

Is that even possible? Doesn't look like we have much control with the popup message dialogs.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

If you do this as an exit condition, you cannot do anything but exit. So instead you will have to do this in your wizard, and determine how you wish to handle silent installation cases. If you want to just let the user download and install, sending them to a web site is probably fine. But if you want to install it in your suite, you'll have to make it a package, and then asking the user makes somewhat less sense.

Assuming you do want to send them to a web site, and ignoring the silent case, first you need to figure out when to offer the download option. Presumably you can set a property (Events view) on the same condition that you previously used to exit the installation. You can then reference this property in the wizard to show a button or hyperlink, or even to tweak the behavior of the next button.

Does that give you enough to get started?
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