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issue with c++ distributables

Hello there!

This might be unusual for this forum, but here it goes anyways... to be honest I'm desperate.

I purchased the Witcher 2 which uses Installshield for installing purposes. The installer gets stuck on the "installing redistributables" part.

I've tried running the installer with the hidden admin account in w7, installing in a non default directory, uninstalling the c++ components that were already on my computer... all of no help.

I've already contacted the support department of The Witcher 2 which was of no help (well, their support department is an open forum for community sourced support... smh).

I'm here asking for help: does anyone here know any idea to resolve this issue?
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Flexera beginner

Re: issue with c++ distributables

I don't know anything about Witcher, but if you know what redistributables the program needs you can try installing them manually.
For example, if you need the VC++ redistributables, you can download a standalone installer from Microsoft.

If the Witcher installer is designed like most, it should detect if the redistributables are already installed and skip that part of the installation. Good luck!
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