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installer class..InstallState is not getting removed in uninstallation

hi we have setup project with multi-instance support and a installer class as well.

whenever we install the installshield is creating a .InstallState in the installation folder, which contain product version details.

but this file is not getting removed on uninstallation, as  a result when we install new version of package to same folder/instance installshield is taking data from this .InstallState file, which has old data and sending  to our system.

can you please let us know how to get this file removed during uninstallation.


also we are noticing that uninstallation from add/remove program removes the entry there, but does nothing to installation folder all files remains the same not getting removed... please suggest

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Hi @sysadmin-blr ,


 This is purely related to your installer class, you have to handle this in your installer class custom action:

You can find more information in the below msdn thread:


Hope this helps you.

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