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installer always connect to default instance which set in installshield

i make a installer with installshield 2012 basic msi project, it works well on windows 2008 server 64bit.
there is a problem on windows 2003 server 32bit, for example, i set default target server name is (local) in installshield,
when on connect to sql server UI page, i change to (local)\MSSQLSERVER instance eg, it is a right instance on this machine.
it can forward to next step, start installing.
but at install odbc step, it pop up an error, said can't connect to (local) intance, then i print IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER property out, is actually (local) instead of (local)\MSSQLSERVER.
so i save the value to registry, and reset IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER property before installing odbc, it still can't work.
i make a example basic msi project, run on this same machine, but it works well.
so i don't know why installer always connect to default value set by installshield.

does anyone have ideas?
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Level 6

First that came to my mind – check if in your project IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER property is listed in SecureCustomProperties. It should be. That will ensure that value set in UI sequence will be transferred to execute sequence too.

Also I would search msi log to find out when IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER property changes its value. Usually it helps to understand why.
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