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Level 7

install script + function split ?!


I have a basic msi project and a moment i have a string as :


How i can split this string [;] for to have two string !

i've look on the documentation for to find a function split in installscript but i'"ve see nothing !

ok i can create a vbscript but i would like to be sure that doesn't exist something in installscript before 🙂 !

Thanks in advance
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Level 9

There are a couple of ways to achieve this in InstallScript.

You could use StrFind to determine the location of the ';' and then use StrSub to extract the two strings using that location. Your other option is to use StrGetTokens to do this for you, and then loop through the string list access the strngs. More information on string functions can be found in the InstallShield help library under "String Functions".
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Level 7

Hi Eric,

That's works fine !

I've use strfind for to know the location of my coma (,)
and after i 've use strSub for extract my two string !

I'm a programer in c# and before to post my question i have searched on the help after a method split as the language c# 🙂

Really thanks for your help
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