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Level 4

how to Prompt user a message before starting the installation whether user wants to continue with the setup or not

We need to prompt user an information popup message whether he wants to continue with the setup installation without taking backup or not? yes or no.

If Yes, the installation should abort.

If No, the installation continues


Thanks in advance for the help/guiding me

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Level 8

Is your install a Basic MSI or InstallScript?  Either way, I think you can write a method to prompt the user and do exactly what you are asking for.  In the method, I believe you would have the opportunity to cancel the install.  I am more familiar with Basic MSI so you would create a Custom Action that would call this method and schedule it early on in the install process.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply

Ours is Basic MSI. We just want to prompt user a normal popup message saying

"Please save the configuration before proceeding the installation. It may overwrite the configuration. Click Yes, if you wish to cancel the installation or click No to proceed the installation."  

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