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from VS Setup project to Installshield

hi all,

i decide to change my installation from Visual Studio 2005 setup project to installshield installation.

But whats about existing installations at my customers, who have to update?

For example: On that machines there are "Merkur Office" installations, built with VS2005 setup project.

When i build an Installshield installation named "Merkur Office", will it be able to update that "old" installation?

Thanks for your advance.
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You will probably want to look into configuring the new installations built with InstallShield as major upgrades for the installations previously built by the Visual Studio Setup and Deployment project. This way the new installs will seamlessly uninstall the previous versions if they are detected during the new install.

Please look into the help library for more information about upgrading.

Major Upgrades
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thx a lot.
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