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Level 6

folder name via property?

I would think that this would be easy. I'm trying to create/name a folder dynamically via a dialog (public property).
I've found postings discussing adding custom actions???? Is this the only way?

I have also tried the custom action for rename directory, but I get an error that it can not find the network resource (which is only the name of the direcotry I was setting?)?

I'm trying to use a property to set my folder name. My final installed structure is showing the property name??
[FOLDERNAME] = i.e. "C:\here\there\[FOLDERNAME]" ????

How can I set this based on a dialog I have where I set the property for [FOLDERNAME]???

I also have this same issue when I attempt to set the DSN name?
resource = [DSNNAME] on dialog form. I get error that [DSNName] is incorrect when I run the install.

Please note that my dialog where I set property's works in other areas of the installation, i.e. Website naming, registry settings, etc.

Thank you
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Level 6

Never received a response but was able to do this (in case someone esle needs the help):

Created custom action, use wizard, create directory action, find directory name in dropdown that you want to alter, for Directory value put full path including property, then place action right BEFORE 'CreateFolders' action.

On uninstall it leaves the custom structure but I'm sure I can figure out how to remove it.
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