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.exe file with multiple shortcuts remain on uninstall


I have BASIC MSI project created with InstallShield 2018 SP1
I have a setup with an .exe file that is part of a component included in the top feature
Now I have several sub features and each one of them should include a shortcut to this one .exe file and run it with different arguments
What is the right way to do that ?

What I did as I wrote is having the exe file in one component on top feature level and for each sub feature I created a component without any files and include shortcut to the exe
And take the icon from that .exe, each component have different GUID.
Problem is on uninstall that several shortcuts are now removed and in the msi log file I see this
'NewShortcut20' shortcut's, LOGER_LITE__64_Shortcut' component will not be removed, so that 'NewShortcut20_63679A51C9AB417BAB5FB01AC17ACEA5.exe' icon will not be removed.

Any idea what is the cause ?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

I know you have mentioned that each component has a different GUID, but is it possible that any of the components could be shared with other applications that are already installed on your test machine? For example any test installations that have failed to be removed correctly?

As a test try changing the component GUIDs in the problematic Components again to see if this alters the behaviour. In addition try installing and uninstalling on a clean test machine to see if the issue is duplicated.

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Level 3

A quick search revealed this topic and I confirm this is a bug or unexpected behavior from install shield, any workaround?

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