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.exe file will not open after InstallShield installation

I created a tutorial .exe file using Wink to go with a simulation I distribute. The .exe file works fine on my computer. I then created a setup.exe file using InstallShield that contains the simulation and the tutorial .exe file. When I install the simulation using the setup.exe file, everything appears to install fine. However, the tutorial .exe file will no longer open, either from the simulation interface or when it is doubled clicked in Windows Explorer. Monitoring the progress in Windows Task Manager, the first time the tutorial .exe file is double clicked, the program appears in the window and then disappears. Double click it again and it does not not show up in the Task Manager window. I have searched the web and forums and cannot find a solution. Any help would be appreciated.

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Level 3

I compared the file I created that worked and the same file that did not work after InstallShield installed it on my computer and I found the following differences:

00000130: 00 29
00000131: 00 1E
00000132: 00 39
00000170: 00 68
00000171: 00 42
00000172: 00 38
00000174: 00 A8
00000175: 00 1A

I do not know why InstallShield added the extra code which prevents the file from functioning or how to prevent it from doing so.
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Grasping at straws, I decided to remove the signed certificate from the file. It ran perfectly! Something in the signing process that is performed by InstallShield as the distribution package is built prevents the file from running. The author of the software I used to create the exe file guesses that the Flash exe runner has a checksum embedded within the exe file and when a certificate is added the file contents change so the signature doesn't match. So the flash exe runner may be quitting as a security measure. But he qualifies that as being his best guess.
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