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error when Attach to build Setup.msi file

recently I installed installshield 2015 LE for Visual studio 2015. but when I press attach button in visual studio 2015 to create setup.msi I got this error : "the debugger cannot continue running the process. unable to start debugging."
even when I want to build the solution I faced this error too: "-6017: The build was unable to extract COM information; make sure that you are running as Administrator. "

I never faced such error when I was using installshield 2013
please help me to solve that.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Try setting a startup project for the debugger issue.

For error 6017, can you check if you are running as admin as the error suggests.
If you are, there might be a PE that has the Registration Type set to Extract COM Information in the files property that does not have COM info.
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