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error -6103 could not find file on Primary Output

I am new to Install Shield Spring, so please excuse my ignorance...

I am converting an old Visual Studio Installer project (vdproj) to InstallShield, and set up everything, and then tried to create my installer. I get this error:
error : -6103: Could not find file "C:\2012\bridges\manualextract\obj\Win32\Release\ManualExtract.exe"

In my application file section I added project outputs, from my ManualExtract project (in same solution), so I have "ManualExtract.Primary Output" listed.

There are 2 issues with the path Install Shield is trying to use:

1. manualextract\obj\Win32\Release\ doesn't exist.
my project uses: $(SolutionDir)$(Configuration) which becomes

2. The file name is incorrect, my output is defined as: $(Configuration)\ManualExtractBridge.exe

Any ideas why Install Shield can't figure this out automatically, and or how to fix it?

Install Shield can't seem to handle Macros in paths either (if I manually modify the .isl file)

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Level 10

Could you kindly refer the below KB regarding the error 6103
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Level 2

Lenwin wrote:
Could you kindly refer the below KB regarding the error 6103

Not able to access the file referenced. I am also getting 6103, 6271 and 1007 errors for AppManifest.XAML file while using VS2012. I do not get this error if I use VS2010. Any solutioons
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Level 9


Kindly take sometime to read through the information below, regarding the errors that you have reported:

1> Error 6103:

This usually happens when some files are missing in the specified location.

2> Error 6271:

Kindly check if your components have ".Net Scan at Build" set to true or false

3> Error 1007:

The file may not exist in the location where the product is searching.

Kindly check if there is sufficient space on the target drive.

Hope this helps.

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