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error -5061 after switching from setup.exe to setup.msi

So I switched my installer from a setup.exe to setup.msi

this is one of many warnings:

ISDEV : warning -5061: The filename "C:\....\Windows\winsxs\ulATLx86\atl90.dll" already exists. Use the component, "uplevel.30729.6161.Microsoft_VC90_ATL_x86.QFE.837D280F_4682_3A15_94E7_F335A8FECFAC" Source Location property to prevent this warning.

I look on the merge module for something related to "Source Location property" but there is nothing.

What the heck is going on?
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Level 9

BTW; this is not an error but a warning. This will not be an issue as long as the file is the same, but you may want to know why you have two references to the file. That I do not know.

But, this happens when you have two or more un-associated components that have the same named file installing to the same location. When you build the msi, you will see the referenced folders in the Disk1 image.

I have two different components that install the same named dll but one is x32 and one x64. They both get installed to the GAC where I have a condition on the x64 component to only install if VersionNT64.

The default "Source Location" of both components is GlobalAssemblyCache and you would see this folder out in the Disk1 image after building the msi. Unless I changed my "Source Location" of my x64 component, it would overwrite my x32 component in folder GlobalAssemblyCache in the Disk1 image. By changing the "Source Location" property of my x64 component to "GlobalAssemblyCache64" the warning goes away and I will retain both files on install. Again - if the file is the same - do not worry about it.
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