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enabling aspx in iis6? iis7.5?

We want to create an installer for an app using ISLE 2011. We want to target iis 5.1 thru 7.5. We noticed then when we install our app on a clean ii6 install, aspx functionality (referred to in iis6 as a "web service extension") isn't allowed (it remains set as prohibited.) Is there an easy way to get the installer to enable the aspx web service extension in ii6 (if we're installing on ii6)? Will this also work for the iis7.5 "Isapi and CGI Restrictions" (that is, do we need to do a similar thing there)?

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Re: enabling aspx in iis6? iis7.5?

Hello Asanford,

Could you kindly let me know if you targeting to install the app in machine with iis5.1 or iis6.0 ,because web service extensions are available for only machines with IIS 6.0 or later installed.

I will look forward for your reply.

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