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dlls differ after minor upgrade


I have a question:

1. I compiled my dlls using VS 2008 and changed the file versions to the new minor upgrade version (as I do always).
2. I built a minor upgrade successfully using Installshield 2009.
3. I upgraded my station to the new minor upgrade successfully.
4. I did file comparison between the output dlls from the compilation of step 1 (that the installshield took and make a package from) and the dlls that were installed at my station after the succeeded upgrade. (using windows tool: fc /b dll_after_compilation dll_after_upgrade).
5. they are suppose to be the same. They have the same file version but the result of the binary comparison is that they differ:

fc /b "c:\After compilation\V.dll" "c:\After upgrade\V.dll"

Comparing files c:\After compilation\V.dll and c:\After upgrade\V.dll
000015AA: 15 FA
000015AB: 00 48

the dlls are not com dlls.

Does any one knows why is the difference between the both. it should be the same dll ??

Thanks, Ido
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Sorry if this is an obvious response but it sounds like you are saying you had an installer with dll lets call it "A". Then you recompiled the dll with a new version number and built a new installer with it and after you installed you did a comparison expecting the dll to be exactly the same sans version number; is that correct?

If that is the case it should not be a surprise a binary comparison shows a difference between the two dlls.


Apologies in advance if I am misunderstanding your question
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