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Level 2

could not find dependent file libc.dll

The above is what's happening for a project built with the LE for VS 2012. It's a C# .Net 4.5 service with a handful of subprojects and lots of referenced .net assemblies. As far as I can see I get this for every assembly and subproject but have no clue how to make the warnings go away.

Somewhere in an ancient post, someone suggested to include the merge module for C++ but there are now about 20 of them in the list of requirements and ticking all the boxes just for fun didn't help. Other than that, google didn't yield any useful information.

I should mention that this is the first contact with InstallShield so consider me clueless.
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Level 10

Could you kindly try setting the Default .Net Scan at build File Setting under Menu bar -> InstallShieldLE -> Options ->.Net to either None or Properties only and check if the same issue persists.
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