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Wrapper for installers

I have 9 different installers and one pre requisite installer. I would like to have a wrpper which can install these installers in a series way and show the progress bar during the installation. Can anyone help me out in this ?
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Level 5

Use system search for the prerequisite and launch the 9 install with 9 custom action on after one. But the install must be silent you can add a msi command line in the property of custom action.

And pimp your sequences, if you want just setupprogress barre or other

I m not a specialist but it's a direction

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Level 3

Hi, Thanks for your advice, I will try out this, But don't want all these 9 installers should be installed everywhere. I wish to have a selector and when the user selects it only it has to be installed. and one morething is that, when we make something ins IS it also will become and installer. I would like to have screen like the SQLExpress installer has. Anyone has any idea how it has made using which tool it is?
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Level 5

one more idea, no solution just direction

Use featurelist

Stay the name of program on a external file Prog.txt behind your setup.exe
For example :

use the a dialog box with include a listbox with property FEATURELIST

Create Custom action VB Script and launch "after patchwelcome" with script function PropDisplay

The Script is
######Fonction List CallPropDisplay######
Const msiViewModifyInsertTemporary = 7
Const IDOK = 1

Function PropDisplay( )

Set viewlist = Database.OpenView("SELECT * FROM `ListBox` ")

Set oFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

ProgFile=Me.Property("SETUPEXEDIR") & "\Prog.txt "

If oFSO.FileExists(ProgFile) then

set f=oFso.OpenTextFile(ProgFile)

while Not f.AtEndOfStream
ListSelect = f.Readline

If Left(ListSelect, 1) = "#" Then

Set reclist = Installer.CreateRecord(4)
reclist.StringData(1) = "FEATURELIST"
reclist.IntegerData(2) = r
reclist.StringData(3) = ListSelect
reclist.StringData(4) = ListSelect

viewlist.Modify msiViewModifyInsertTemporary, reclist
End If

msgbox "Prog.txt missing"
End If

set fso = nothing

PropDisplay = IDOK

End Function

This Custom action search the text on your file and insert on list box

After you can create a button on your dialog box with the condition for launch custom action if FEATURELIST=ProgXX
This Launch one after one your setup

I hope that it help

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Level 3

Thanks Spinky. I have gone through your direction. But as i am having script based msi. i couldn't execute the VB Script there and I didn't get where to add the prog.txt file.
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