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Level 3

Wizard not getting launched if jdk is bundled with installer on Linux/Solaris

Hi All,

I have created a sample project supported on Windows/Linux/Solaris OS. On windows the installer works fine but on Linux/Solaris while executing installer is just prints

Initializing Wizard..
Verifying VM..

and comes out.
Can any one help me. I haven't specified any JVM search instructions for any OS.I have attached project file in txt format.

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Level 9

Your project looks fine, so your saying it says 'Verifying JVM...' and then comes back to the prompt with no other message? Does it create the Temp ismp... directory?

Never seen that one before, I guess make sure your DISPLAY variable is set, but the installer usually will display a message in that case!

Have you tried to run the installer in debug mode and create a logfile?

set the ismpVV env variable to 1 to get more error messaging!

and then run

setup.bin -is:log
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