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Windows Server 2008 - Determine Roles/Features that are installed

Hi all, I have a Windows Server 2008 specific question,

I'm hoping this is easy and I'm just missing something incredibly obvious, but I'd like to determine what Windows Server 2008 roles/features are installed via the registry/some xml file so that I can query that entry/file via the AppSearch action. (I want to see if the "IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility" Role is installed).

However, I'm having a tough time doing this - I can't find a registry location where this is defined and I'm not sure if a static concrete entry even exists. Nor am I sure if there is some master xml/config file out there with this information inside of it.

I'm thinking I may need to use ServerManagerCMD.exe to query the roles that are installed. However, calling ServerManagerCMD via a type 34 CA needs to come (as far as I know) after CostFinalize as the Directory table entries needs to be resolved/initialized. SO... I'd lose the ability to set up a system search for the resultant xml file because by default CostFinalize comes after AppSearch.

I guess I could write a CA to parse the resultant xml and determine if the role is installed... but I'd hate to do that in case I'm just making this a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

Any ideas??? Thanks!!
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I have used WMI script in a custom action. It is working fine.

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