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Windows Forms application app.config

I have started to use the Limited Edition version for a VS 2012 windows forms solution. The problem that I'm having is that the app.config file in the IDE solution keeps overwriting a custom built project.exe.config file that I've added in the Files tab. I need to ensure the config file that is built into the setup project has certain entries/values so that is why I don't want the app.config within the IDE solution to be part of the setup by default. Any help to teach me how to supply a custom project.exe.config file would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Flexera chiranjeevi

Re: Windows Forms application app.config


We are currenly working on this issue, and will get back to you with further information at the earliest possible time.

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Re: Windows Forms application app.config

Hi, just wanted to check to see how this issue is preceding. I assume you were able to replicate the behavior and are working on a solution?
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