Windows 7 and Network drives

Greetings all,
We are playing with windows7 and a 64 bit build. We've install AS10 and IS2011 and all looks ok until..

You look to use network drives as no network drives appear in AS or IS.
When looking for a package to import in AS or
Adding an respoitory to IS settings.

Have we missed something or does it just not work yet.
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Re: Windows 7 and Network drives

When network drives are mapped, they are linked to the current logon session for the current process access token. This means that, if a drive is mapped in a non-elevated state then it will not appear in any process that is being run elevated. Since InstallShield requires elevation to run you would not be able to see the network drives that were mapped.

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937624 has more details on this topic and instruction on how to implement the EnableLinkedConnections workaround. Other solutions would be to map the same drives from an elevated command prompt, or to simply reference the UNC from within InstallShield.
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