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Windows 7 - MsiExec stays open after install

I have an issue that prevents a user from uninstalling, and here are the steps that reproduce the problem:

1. User installs Product.exe using an Installscript MSI
2. User uses Product.exe for a bit
3. User tries to uninstall Product.exe using the Windows 7 "Product and Features" dialog and the user runs into the dialog attached below.

If I open up Task Manager, MsiExec is still running. In fact, it's still running immediately after the install is over, and continues to stay open until the user reboots.

However if the user uses the Installshield setup.exe to uninstall the product, the product uninstalls just fine whether MsiExec was open previously or not.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on here, or has anyone run into this problem with IS 2010? I hadn't run into this problem with 2008 or 2009 before. Thanks!
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Level 6

Has anyone else seen this issue?
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