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Will setup project include the reference or content of the files?


I am using IS Express.

When add files to "Files" section, I just wonder whether setup project will store the references or contents of the files?

I try the following test:

1. Make an old version of the file.

2. Add the file to the setup project.

3. Save and build the setup project. I call it setup1.exe

4. Replace the old version of the file with a new version file(with the same file name)

5. Rebuild the setup project. I call it setup2.exe

It seems that setup1.exe will include the old version and setup2.exe will include the new version. So based on the test, the setup project only contains references to the files, not their contents.

Just ask to confirm this. Thanks

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Your assumption is correct - Installshield will hold the references to the files locations in the project. It is only when you select to build the project that the files are actually "pulled" in and used to create the installer.


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