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Flexera beginner

Why is the InstallShield 2019 resolution setting only in Express and not in the Premier version?

The following error message is displayed when running a program recently created with InstallShield 2019.

title : VGA Resolution Error.
Content : Resoltion Is equal to 239, this program requires VGA or better resoltion.

This message box is a warning message output from the install shield system itself.


For the Express version, The following steps will solve it.

1. In the View List under Define Setup Requirements and Actions, click Requirements.
2. In the center pane, click System Hardware Requirements.
3. In the Screen Resolution setting, select the appropriate value.

But in the Premier version, I couldn't find [System Hardware Requirements] configuration.

Also, I tried to setting the condition by referring to the link below, 

but that is to set the resolution condition and generate a user custom message box.

I don't want the system error messages to appear like the Express version, rather than creating a custom message.

I'm wondering why there's no such that option, even though Premier is higher than the Express version.
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