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Why cant I get any help?


why cant anyone tell me whats wrong with the installation of InstallShield?
Please see my question about "InstallShield does not recognize my installation of Visual Studio 2010" several days ago.

Best Regards,
N Schilke
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Re: Why cant I get any help?

Because no one especially cares. I looked at your post and have no solution.

Don't feel bad... most of the best answers found in this forum are from people answering their own posts. (Thanks SuperFreak3, they are often helpful even if I don't say so all the time.) Don't

You would be better served bumping your original post and asking if anyone has an idea, than whatever you would call this kind of post that I am replying to.

Your BEST bet to actually get the issue resolved is probably to contact customer support, and yes we all feel your pain there, its never my favorite solution either.

Also be prepared, there is plenty of opportunity for considerably more frustration in building installs.
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