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Where is the "Setup Status" dialog box ?

I am using an InstallScript project. When my files are in the process of installing I get a "Setup Status" dialog box. This dialog box has a gauge control on it, with a message "The InstallShield Wizard is installing YourProductName".

I am not able to find this dialog anywhere in the "All Dialogs" folder. Can anyone tell me where I can find it? You see I need to customize it so that it looks like my other dialog boxes with my custom branding. Specifically I am placing a bitmap image on each of my dialog boxes. So it is important to find out where the Setup Status dialog box is located.

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Hi @FlexeraFan ,

There is no Status dialog in the Dialog template, but you can update the text in it.

See the below query on status dialog, looks same to yours.

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Hi Banna,

I am not concerned about the text in the dialog box. What I want to do is to add a bitmap image in the top area of the "Setup Status" dialog box. From the image you provided it looks like somehow they were able to add a bitmap to the uninstall dialog box. Well simply put I need to do the same thing for the 
Setup Status dialog box. Is there anyway that you know how that can be done? Up to this point I have been able to customize each dialog box in the designer and add a bitmap image to it. Since I cannot find the Setup Status dialog box, I can't add the bitmap. So if you have any idea, please let me know.

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Try this code:

function OnBegin()
bmp = SUPPORTDIR^"mybanner.bmp";
DialogSetInfo (DLG_INFO_ALTIMAGE,bmp, TRUE);


Put your bmp to Support Files\Lang. Indep.


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Hi Roman,

Thank you for the suggestion. I don't have access to the "Setup Status" dialog box or it's associated InstallScript, so that is the problem. You see when I call SdStartCopy2(szTitle,szMsg) it eventually closes and then displays the "SetupStatus" dialog box which I have been talking about. I did try your code prior to calling SdStartCopy2, but once it closed and opened the Setup Status dialog box, then the header was not placed on the dialog, so the code did not work.



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I do not know what are you testing.
This code is working with all IS versions since 6.0


Please look at the att. issue solution.

As you see, the code is working, as I expect.

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Level 5

Thanks Roman. Your awesome code works, but not for my situation.

I am using one of the installshield skins and the bitmap image is on the side of the dialog box, not the top as in the un-skinned dialog boxes. So your suggestion will not work for me.  You see I also need to place my own custom bitmap on the "Setup Status" dialog box using the designer so that I can tell it the exact position.

It appears that when the StartCopy2 dialog box kicks of the installation, that it also eventually opens the "Setup Status" dialog box, which I can not find in the supplied dialog boxes given by installshield. So that is the issue. Maybe I need to restate the question.

How can I access the "Setup Status" dialog box (So that I can customize it)? It is not in the list of dialog boxes under the folder "USER INTERFACE | Dialogs.


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All dialogs are compiled in setup.exe

Progress Dialog is ID=106

Try  to rebuild them with VS.

But, I have not tried it at all.


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Hi @FlexeraFan ,

Did you find any solution for this?

I too have the same situation, I need to make some changes to the Setup Progress dialog but It is not in the list of dialog boxes under the folder "USER INTERFACE | Dialogs.


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Level 3

I have met the same problem and still couldn't fix it.

I'm using IS 2016 and my project is InstallScript MSI Project.

Here are what i got.

If you just want to modify the title or the text,  SetStatusExStaticText will work.

If you want to change the Setup Status Dialog to a smaller type, try following codes in a proper place.


If you want to change  or hide the image at that dialog, following codes will work. set third to FALSE so that the image will hide. bmp is the path of the image.

DialogSetInfo (DLG_INFO_ALTIMAGE, bmp, TRUE);

 But, if you want to move the image to other place, for example, not the default place.

Or modify the dialog size (when the language is Japanese or Korean, all dialogs will be much wider than normal.), it seems that there is no way to do with these.


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