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Where is SRC path defined and how to update .ism automatically when it changes?

I have a simple project.ism that only contains files which are then included in the built .msi and copied to the destination folder on the destination machine.

I want to automate this rather than using "Files and Folders" pane in the IS GUI, and I am using isCmdBld.exe in a batch-file (want to do some checkins and -outs and file copying before and after building the .msi) doing something like this:

SET InstallShieldProjectName="C:\Install_Projects\project.ism"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2010\System\IsCmdBld.exe" -p

Now, this works inasmuch it rebuilds the .msi and puts it in the post-build location I specified (through the GUI) when I created the project.

However, I want it to pick up new files added to the source directory, and remove those deleted, i.e. I want a refresh of the file-table, right? It doesn't do that, just puts the originally added files back in the .msi. Which makes complete sense, as I am not referencing the source path anywhere.

Where in the project can I specify where it should pick up new files from when Release1 is re-built?

Any helpful pointers are very much appreciated!

Kind regards,
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To clarify, I don't need it to sense automatically when the source files change, and trigger a build.
Happy to kick off the build script manually when I know the source files are changed.
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i think you're looking for a constant like SRCDIR right?
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