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Where can I download SP1 for Install Shield 2012 Spring Professional?


I was wondering where I can download the Service Pack 1 for Install Shield 2012 Spring Professional?

Every time I startup Install Shield it says its available, and I click go ahead and download-install it, but that errors out.

I then found a post here:

That says you can download it here:

But when I go to that URL I just get an empty blank page.

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Level 17

The second link that you referenced ( is a link to the KB article that describes how to obtain the service pack download; it contains the following links to the downloads:

An updated version of the Standalone Build is available from the Flexera Software Product and License Center.

I suspect that the reason why the KB article appears to be blank is that you are using Internet Explorer without compatibility view. Compatibility view must be turned on in order to view KB articles. To learn how, see (You may need to change the version of IE at the top right of the article in order to see the appropriate version-specific instructions.)
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