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Where are the dependencies

I am using VS2010 and have just installed InstallShield LE. I have followed the instructions for scanning the depencies i.e. right-click on the project primary output and select Dependencies from Scan at build... The resulting form shows a list of my dependencies, all selected and I click Ok. What happens to them after that? When I build, the builder complains that the depencies are missing. Can anyone please advise,

Many thanks.
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I have the exact same issue. I found a thread which someone mentioned a workaround to select properties on the file with the dependencies, then under COM & .NET Scan at Build to change to Properties Only. This seems to satisfy the compiler, but unfortunately when installing the end product on another PC, it fails to run with an File Not Found exception for the dependant DLL. Looking forward to a resolution on this one.
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To overcome this error you have to either add the dependent file to the Primary Output location or add a Reference to their Visual Studio project to the dependent file using Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer.

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