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When do files get installed?

I'm using the evaluation version, making sure we can still do everything we do in our current custom installer.

I have a configuration dialog that I have to display during the install process. I'm currently doing this by running an exe (but would prefer to call a method in managed code once I figure out this problem). One of the controls on the dialog is a checkbox that controls whether or not the newly installed service should be started or not. I've placed the Custom Action between InstallServices and StartServices, but when my dialog is displayed, not only has the service not been installed, the files have not been copied to installdir. Everything is there if I put the Custom Action after InstallFinalize, but by then my checkbox is moot.

Anyone know why InstallFiles is not installing files?

The dialog is the same form as we use for configuration within the application, so redoing it as InstallShield dialogs/InstallScript would really not be ideal.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

It sounds like you may be getting confused between the immediate sequence (which figures out the work to be done) and the deferred or script sequence (which executes the work determined in the immediate sequence). If your exe is scheduled for immediate execution, the deferred execution portions of the installation will not have occurred yet.
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I am trying to build an installation which contains a stand alone product as well as a web application. So how should i go about to accomplish this task. Which type of project will be suitable?? Please do let me know
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