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What is the best way to create a DR installation

I use a single instance of InstallShield 2016 to built packages. As I am using a USB code signing key. The best method to avoid dragging the key around was to build a VM to run InstallShield, with the USB permanently mounted. Access to the key is available only with console access to the VM. This works nicely and allow remote access.

Work is currently doing more DR preparations, which can be easily achieved by replicating the VM to the remote site. The problem is licensing. The replicated VM has a different MAC address so the license does not work.

Obviously in the situation where the DR site is actually required, the InstallShield license can be returned using the licensing centre and reissued to the DR copy. We have a second USB with a code signing key installed on the DR server.

The problem is testing this to ensure it will work in the case of DR being required. There is no way to reissue the license multiple times to prove that the DR site works and then to restore to the live site. The server has been failed over and access to the server tested, but it is not possible to test InstallShield to ensure it will works with the second USB.

I have thought about whether it is possible to change the license type to concurrent (don't know if it can be), but then we need a licensing server. This server would have to be failed over as well, which is not impossible, but will this cause issues. Can it be failed over?

Once tested, there is probably little reason to repeat the test unless there are changes required to the InstallShield computer. Is this a better solution or have I forgotten something?

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Hi @DerekEdson ,


Can you please give more details about:

  • DR installation-What it exactly means?
  • USB Code signing key-Are you using this for signing the installer?

Since you had mentioned licensing might not work on change of MAC address,i assume that is node-locked licensing.

If your requirement is to have one concurrent-license server where multiple  systems can communicate with that:You are right.Concurrent licensing is the  suitable option for you.

Concurrent licensing—This model enables sharing or floating of InstallShield licenses between multiple users; it is also sometimes called floating licensing. Concurrent licensing can provide you with greater flexibility and cost efficiency than the traditional node-locked licensing.

If your organization purchased concurrent licenses for InstallShield, you need to identify the license server that you are using when you install InstallShield on your machine. Subsequently, every time that you start InstallShield on your machine, the server is queried to verify that the required license is available. If the license is available, you are granted access to InstallShield. No product activation is required with concurrent licensing. can get more details about concurrent licensing in the above FAQ section.



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Most servers are running under VMware. Replication of servers is configured to copy important servers to a remote site. Should the main building is damaged (which happened in a minor way some time ago), it may be necessary to switch to the remote site to continue business. Yes, the USB drives contain a private key for code signing using InstallShield. Do you know if the license can be changed from node-locked to concurrent, or do we need to buy new? I have not been able to find any information as yet. Do you know if the license server for concurrent usage can be replicated in the above manner and work in the remote site?
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Hi @DerekEdson ,

Answering to your questions:

 Do you know if the license can be changed from node-locked to concurrent?

Since it is specific to licensing transfer i would suggest you to contact Flexera Support by writing them to 



Do you know if the license server for concurrent usage can be replicated in the above manner and work in the remote site?

Since concurrent licensing is tightly coupled with IP address,unless until IP is reachable it will work(Even with replicated server).Assuming that replicated server has same license server setup installed with given license without corruption.




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