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Visual Studio crashes consistently


We are using Visual Studio 2012 and InstallShield 2012 Spring Limited Edition. Our solution is .NET 4 and if I add the primary output of our start-up project to the setup project and build the solution then Visual Studio crashes. If I just add a single file, it is OK.

Any ideas what could cause the problem? I checked build order and dependencies and everything gets built before the setup project.


Marc Bartsch.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Are you getting any error message after subsequent crash of the visual studio IDE?

Does this issue replicable to any other project type or specific to a single project the one which are facing?

Could you please try to clean the machine's registry using any registry cleaning utility and repair the installshield limited edition for visual studio from add or remove programs and check if it show the same behavior?

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