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Visual Studio 2022 integration?

Hey there,

today I've installed the latest InstallShield 2021 build but there's no Visual Studio 2022 integration?

Is there anything I'm missing or am I doing wrong?




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Same situation!

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Same - just opened a support case.

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Visual Studio 2022 Integration is not yet supported in InstallShield. Compared to previous releases of Visual Studio, this integration is slightly challenging due to the fact that Visual Studio 2022 runs in only 64 bit mode. We are actively working on this and currently planning on supporting in the next major version of InstallShield next year (Q2 '22). We will keep you posted on the progress we are making. While this may not be the response you may be expecting, we would like to be transparent with you on the priorities and progress.
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I am very sad when read these information. Visual Studio 2019 even has not link for downloading.

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Well that is extremely disappointing.  I had expected the release schedule of a major (and fairly expensive) product like InstallShield to keep pace with Visual Studio releases.  Not sure I can wait more than half a year for VS2022 support...  The only silver lining is at least I found out before renewing my annual support contract.

To late for me - have had renewed a week ago.

For us it means - no automated updates anymore and a complete rework of our rollout process.


Lesson learned and in fact-> For the simple packaging we're using WIX in future and the rollout processes getting redesigned so that we're not dependent from companies they don't use over a year of time to renew their own software.


Our Extensions for Visual Studio 2022 are working since September this year (by the way). So it was possible (easy) to have tools 64Bit ready. Microsoft announced their plans for Visual Studio 2022 in 2019 (!).

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I plan to revoke my maintainance support plan (renewed this week) due to useless. I can't use IS2021 'til 2Q/22 and therefore I also can't use the support. No product - no support.


I'm really upset with that!

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