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Visual Studio 2012 has stopped when building InstallShield Setup ?

Hello All ,
When i build new installshield setup for my WPF / .NET 4.0 application it give error message -6213 Internal build error or stops vs 2012 . The solution have 37 projects ( including WPF and SL ) .

I see one link ( as this linke say we also using prism . same error is happening , link is old (feb 2012) is any progress in that error . Because we now using Wix, main reason to switch to InstallShield is Dependency Scanning option . The solution link specified telling to disable it , is any other option to do this ?

with regards
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As this error is specific to .NET dependency scanning, the only known workaround currently is to turn off the .NET dependency scanning functionality as mentioned in below kb article:

As a workaround you may try adding dependent files manually :

Please follow below steps:
1>Scan for dependencies - right click project primary output, select Dependencies from scan at build.
2>You will see the dependencies you will have to manually add, indicated by a red icon,unchecked them so you could get rid of the -6248 warnings(if any shown)
3>Then (yes) manually add the dependencies you identified above in the step 2.

Hope this helps.

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Hello chiranjeevi,
Thank you for the answer. Sorry for late replay . Do you have any idea when this error will be fixed .

With regards
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I scan for .net 4.5 and don't get that error. It installs 4.5 on my target computer with no problem. I won't install SQL Server Express but that is a different issue. I tried InstallShield Professional demo and I did get a similar error. I never got an answer so I uninstalled InstallShield and started looking around for install solutions that actually work.
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